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All about ‘human’ networking.

By on March 12, 2007

Over the weekend I was busy helping at a trade show booth and a couple of things struck me which may be helpful to people on OJar and also the direction of the site in general.

First, let me say thank goodness for e-mail and Instant Mesg. as I have lost my voice which may come as a blessing for some that know me. (kidding!)

As you watch several thousand people pass your booth you can’t help but create parallels with a website like OJar.

Some people just wander by and look at the banners and keep walking, while some take the time to ask questions, swap ideas and actually walk away with a small piece of the puzzle we call ‘life’ answered. Dramatic, maybe but isn’t that what happens every hour, every day on OJar as a site?

I asked one person of the hundreds I met over the two days, “why did you come here today?”. The answer was, “I came to network”. What I noticed that was unusual about this person was they had very specific questions but instead of stopping by at each booth and asking a little or taking a brochure they simply walked up and down the aisles until I happened to catch their eye and begin a conversation.

OK, so what has this to do with OJar I can hear the impatient asking silently. Well, there are 3 types of people on OJar. Those that lurk and hope to stumble on some answers. Those that will ask a question from time to time and those that will involve themselves on a daily basis.

The latter category are those that probably get the most out of the site and probably out of a lot of things they do. Why? Well, they are genuinely interested in that which they do, that which they learn and also they ‘pay forward’ by helping others.

It is those people that ultimately will help make OJar a better site and take to a far better place than I will ever be able to do.

Peace, Michael.


  1. Smiley

    March 13, 2007 at 5:52 am

    For me, I’ve seen Ojar as its own mini world. And a lot that I’ve learned, posted, and read on Ojar has spilled over into my real life.

    I’m an active person, sometimes too much, but I love getting involved, and I love change.

    Without change, there is no growth. When I was a child, I was deathly afraid of change because I felt it was the end of the world as I knew it. Sure, that was the case, but I didn’t know how to see the good in change until I got older. Once I saw the good in change for the first time, I couldn’t wait to change other things in my life. Change shakes up boredom and routine.

    Ojar is a great place, but like many other things in life, it can change into something better. It can move past the petty and catty, and develop into something with real substance and growth, one step at a time.

    This blog is great because you can get your thoughts out, and receive comments that can help more than hinder. It also allows others to really read and understand things rather than reading reply after reply mixed in with crap found on a message board sometimes.

    To me, an Ojar blog is like a mature “Ojar”.

  2. AngelBaby

    March 12, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    That sounds like quite the epiphany there Michael! lol
    I tend to agree with you though….those of us that are still involved on a daily basis to have the potential to take OJar to new horizons….and I am trying hard to be one of those that “pay it forward.”
    The site has done more for me than I ever imagined that it would, and being able to still come around and share bits of my life with people is important to me.
    I really don’t know what kind of avenue I think OJar should take as far as developing and changing, but I do think that it is a necessary for something to happen.

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