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just wanted to share joles: This is really no big deal but it kind of made me feel better.  I found out something that my s2bx's friend said a while ago and it was nice.  

To preface, this friend has been his friend since HS and he is kind of a partying, fun loving guy.  I figured if anything, he would say something negative about me before something good (not that I am awful, just that he is not the most positive person).

The s2bx and I had horses together.  Months and months ago, we went to see a horse that we had at our vet's (who is dating my ex's friend).  When we left, the ex's friend told his gf (our vet) that I was "way too nice of a person to be with my ex."  And this is after he went to our wedding and we have been married for almost 5 years.  

It really is no big deal, but it is nice to know that even his old HS friends think that I am too good for him.  It is kind of wierd/strange to know that his friends think that I was too good for him and he left me!  At least I know that even his old friends (who you think would stick up for him) think that I am too good for him (and I guess in return think that I could do better than him??).

I really hope that I will find someone some time.  I guess when even good 'ol fun lovin' boys think that you are way too nice for a guy, it's kind of uplifting.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.  ;)    
allnewtome: little things like that do seem to make me feel better. my ex's best friend (they were roomates and he was in our wedding) told my ex what he did was wrong and that he was making the biggest mistake of his life. It felt good for "his" friend to take up for me.
Unfortunately now they don't even talk. i would never have wished that on them, but my ex couldn't take hearing something other than awwww poor you....his friend's wife is one of my closest friends and it appears that the 2 of them will be my friends for life.

 down2basics: Gosh!  I hear ya!

You got me to thinking about when I left my wouldn't believe how many people asked me...."What took you so long???"  My boss even sponsored my divorce, because I didn't have the $3000 to put down up front for the attorney's fees.  Even he knew that this marriage was bad and needed to end.

My situation at my job has improved, my social life has definitely improved, my relationship with my family and my children have all improved.  All because I made the decision to not live in misery anymore.

My ex sent me an email today stating a lot of BS about why you should NOT get a divorce and what a marriage is really all about.  According to this email, marriage isn't supposed to be fullfilling for either of you - it's basically just a learning experience....learn how to love and live.   What a crock!

If your partner doesn't fulfill some need within you - then why did you get with them in the first place???  ::)  It seems like a contradiction in terms.  Why would you even date someone if you didn't feel special or complete being with them?  

I've looked at marriage like a partnership - a bank account of sorts (well...kinda!)  You can only withdraw from the account what you've put in.  You can't be the only one giving and the other one the only one taking - it has to be both - partners!  Ooops - there's that word again!

Perhaps I should look up this word with the definition and email it back...Hmph!  Just venting - thanks for reading!

 Billsfan709: It's wierd..I've had a lot of friends say they didn't want to hang out with me because of my Stbx..she was always saying embarrassing things, insulting things..talking about sex..which she was obsessed mixed company. Now some friends who had distanced themselves want to be there for me..I even had a friend, a reservist in Bosnia, who wouldn't hang out with me, reply "Yes, now we can hang out again"..when his wife told him I was getting a divorce..SIGH..Love makes you blind and deaf..I guess

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