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Do You Ever Feel All Alone?

Do You Ever Feel All Alone? TiredandScared: Some times I feel so alone (I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so...)

I work for a compnay with a huge campus of over 6,000 people, and feel like I know very few people. I sit in an area a long way away from the group I am working with, some times this is a great way to get work done, but I also get forgot about alot.

I go home and live alone, not alot of cash, so I sit and watch tv (no cable) and I am sad and bored.

My family is a huge mess one sister is getting a divorce of her own and spends all of her time with her new SO, the other has been some what self centered.

As for friends, my old couple friends are truely more her friends then they are mine. My old high school friends I have lost touch with because she didn't like them, "they weren't her type of people"

I don't know I have been real down for the last week or so.

And I still miss my cats! I almost cry when I see pictures of them (at work in my cube , and at home on my alarm clock)

Whats a guy to do?
atd74: Tired,

I think I will be supported here when I say that most of us if not all of us have gone through and are still going through those periods of lonliness.

I'm sorry that your family hasn't been very supportive - that's where I have found most of my strength. Although let me tell you even though I'm actually living back at home until Springtime when I buy my own place I still get those periods of lonliness. I am almost 5 months post divorce and doing pretty well but I still feel alone at times and I think honestly I do it to myself.

It's hard but if you sit and dwell on things you are going to make yourself feel even more isolated. All you can do is try and get out into the world and start over however you can. There must be someone else inside of you - there has to be an individual there who was there before you met your spouse right? Try and tap into who that person is and bring them out again.

You must have hobbies or particular interests that you could get back into again. When I first moved back in here I needed distraction so I volunteered at an animal shelter. (Something I'm passionate about - animals)

Is there any chance you could talk to someone at work to see if your work area can be moved and rearranged so that you are not all alone and "forgotten about"?

I am a very shy person myself when meeting new people but try to stick yourself out there at work and interact. Try and make new friends and meet new people - I know this is a rough time for you but people need people and I reall think it is beneficial to not stay hidden under a rock during this time. Get out - be around others whether it be volunteering or joing a special interest group... that's usually where you'll end up making friends - with people who share the same interests.

Hang in there - you will have these doubts and feelings from time to time but its how you combat them and approach them that will help you get through them.

 justmenow: YES YES YES!!! All the time. I took steps to alleviate some of that though, which included giving up a private office at work, with all the benefits of a quiet workspace and all, to move into a cubicle near PEOPLE. It helped quite a bit and helped drag me out of this funk I had sunk into. I started volunteering my time with causes I truly believed in, volunteering for committes at work, going on trips with coworkers that I didn't particularly care about, but just out to make new friends mostly. This has helped a lot for me. You have to do what is right for you.
 TiredandScared: JMN, I know what you mean, but I have no idea what I want to do for me yet, I was thinking of a part time job, maybe as a bar back or something to get out and meet people/and make some $$$$. Thats about all I can think of right now?
 justmenow: Yeah, that first step forward is the hardest, but it gets easier after that, believe me!

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