Kid seeing mom having sex with boyfriend! HELP!!

Kid seeing mom having sex with boyfriend! HELP!! Suddenly Single: UGH! I can't even begin to get into the story of how utterly irrational, uncaring, insane and just down right b**chy my boyfriend's ex is.

I have never experienced in my life anyone who just when you think they are the slimiest, meanest, most selfish person.....they can actually stoop to a lower level. I can't tell you how many sub-basements this woman has...anyway...I digress from the major issue.

We found out yesterday that the 11 year old walked in on mom and boyfriend having sex. She has them 5o% of the time and this was her weekend...he has been sleeping over for several weeks now...about 10 times total but this weekend made time 8,9, and 10. The kids have only seen him 11 do the math.

Anyone been in a similar situation? What can you do? Will the courts do anything about this? ??? ??? ???

She can't wait 1 more night until dad has them? I just think that is so unhealthy for her to be having sex in the house with someone she doesn't have a committment with. This is a man that doesn't come to their games - doesn't spend time with them. The rumor in from many people that know her and him is that he is an asshole and jerk and all they do is fight and are sort of on and off again. Their view is that it is good for the children to learn that children come and go out of your life.

I slept over once, unplanned - I was sick getting the flu and there was an ice storm (he lives in the country). We were very uncomfortable with it but considering my sickness and the storm - I couldn't drive. I slept in another room alone with no one there. I have NEVER slept over there since and if there was a situation again that I did I would NOT sleep in HIS bed WITH him. I am extremely close with the kids - I attend their games, I play with them, talk with them and have relationships with them. However, I do not think that gives me the right to show them that I sleep in his bed unmarried. I'm not completely "old fashioned" but I think when kids are involved that you have to set examples and standards for them.


There is SOOOO much more to this story - this is the latest of her actions. My story doesn't probably make sense but I'm just so upset for his kids right now. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
Re:Kid seeing mom having sex with boyfriend! HELP!! in_search_of: She is such a freak of nature, that I just can't believe it! HOLY FREAKING CRAP!

And all this from the same woman who wants to go back to court and revisit custody because you hang out with the kids.

And their view is that its GOOD for the kids to see that kids come and go? WHAT THE HELL! OH MY GOD! Nah, relationships may come and go, but Kids, them's forever!
 Re:Kid seeing mom having sex with boyfriend! HELP!! Suddenly Single: So today we find out that she has talked to the 7 and 11 year old and explained that she is in a long term relationship and it is ok for her to have him sleep over and then she adds that besides your dad and ***** sleep in the same bed all the time but she is mature enough to not to it behind their backs like dad is!

 Re:Kid seeing mom having sex with boyfriend! HELP!! WhiskeyGirl: That woman sounds like a total freak! OMG! Kudos to you for respecting them and there feelings...keep it up, kids arent stupid they will figure it out....what she is doing is wrong!!! and to be so sick that she would try to make it out like you are doing it too???? OMG! She just tried to take away those poor kids only "safe" and normal place to be by making it sound just as bad as her place....which Im sure has them confused and upset enough as it is! Thats bloody terrible!
 Re:Kid seeing mom having sex with boyfriend! HELP!! Suddenly Single: well what is most upsetting is that the 11 year old tells dad today that she comes in to see if their asleep and then he hears grunting and stuff and sunday night he walked in on them...he described the guy's butt to one of his friends and a family friend overheard this and told dad.

You are right total freak!
She is also stupid...she told the kid's father that what goes on at her house is none of his busines...well correct me if I'm the idiot....but if you have joint custody....doesn't that sort of imply that it is each other's business what happens at each other's house in regards to the kids???

The oldest told her that he didn't like when the bf slept over and she said she wasn't going to kick him out......well then at least if he is going to sleep over..please control yourself..they are only there part time! UGH! Gross!

How do I not explode....Oh and this is just the TIP of the proverbial iceberg..ok....I take that back...this isn't the is the giant block underneath!

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