when is something good going to happen for me.

when is something good going to happen for me. jim magic: i have recently started to loose faith in what ever religion i have. how can the person that cheated on me and our 3 kids be the one with the great new job, the kids in the house with her, soon to be a new pair of boobs, and now a new boyfiend, when i cant even walk with my head up when for the last 32 years a have been the most possitive person you could meet. i am devistated and i know i have to do for myself but i am not there right now and her with everything puts me back 20 steps. i didnt just loose a wife i lost an entire family because most of mine is gone and hers is so wonderful. how does a person get through this crap. she had the nerve to say to me well youve broken up with people before. youll get over it. im all flip that this isnt a highschool break up. she leaves me and is now wearing sexy close, pierced belly, happy go lucky. i feel like she has gooton our lovely children and is now rewinding her life to a point when she was younger and i wasnt in the picture. son of a...............
Re:when is something good going to happen for me. sourpuss: hang in there, it does get better.

i prefer to believe that, eventually, we all get what we deserve, god or bad.

if you want something good to happen for you, get out there and make it happen. focus on the things that make you a little happy (time with the kids, friends, a good book, anything) and go do more of it.

not a ton of help, i know.
 Re:when is something good going to happen for me. Ilosther: Gotta just keep turning the other cheek, even if you just start spinning in circles. I'm not in your situation yet, but she will leave me soon, hopefully we can be 50/50 with our son, and hopefully she isn't having an affair.
But, I know what you mean about the world just crumbling around you. My parents are divorced, father remarried, not happy. My mom is constantly sick, just crashed her car yesterday and will give up driving forever. I had to give up our house that would've been closer to my family bc I couldn't find a job near them and my wife wasn't at all willing to give up her teacher position to find one down there, even though she could've found a job down there so easily.
After almost 3 houses, we ended up living with her parents, been so stressful, and now she will leave me, take our son 50% of the time, move into an apartment, while I stay with her parents. Now her parents are bringing in realtors to appraise the house-great, just what I need. Plus my job has been for sale and has been laying off people left and right.
I know I'm not in your position, but things feel like they just keep sliding downward for me too.

I too lost my faith, but last sunday I finally went back to church. I know it's not the answer, but I just have to start having faith in God again. There is a reason for all this. If you are at all a religous man, this is what I think, to live a good life, is to live in pain and suffering. Because God's own son suffered for us, so should I.
Not trying to preach, but I too am looking for a reason for all this. I have always lived a good life.

In the end, something has got to give. And I do believe, what goes around, comes around.
"New boobs, belly ring"? Sounds like someone is trying to turn back time.
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