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Man dies after sex with horse

Man dies after sex with horse turning leaf: This is so disgusting.  There really should be a law for this.  ARticle is from Courttv website.

Wash. lawmakers to weigh bestiality ban after man dies from sex with horse  
A Seattle man died on July 2 from internal bleeding after having sex with a horse.  
State Sen. Pam Roach wants Washington residents to stop horsing around with their stallions   and other domesticated animals.

Roach, outraged by a Seattle man's death after having sex with a horse, said she is proposing a law that would make having sex with an animal punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

"This is a crime against innocent life, and you know that the animal is not seeking this," Roach said. "This is something a human being has decided to commit against another innocent being."

Roach is planning to introduce the bill at the state's next legislative session in December.

The proposed legislation stems from an investigation into an Enumclaw, Wash., farm, where a 45-year-old man died on July 2 from internal bleeding due to a perforated colon resulting from having sex with a horse.

When the story was published, Roach said dozens of residents sent e-mails calling for legislation to ban bestiality.

"While the horse won out in this instance, there are cases where smaller animals are used for these particular acts and its extremely painful for them," Roach said. "The whole realm of bestiality is cruel to the animal because it is unnatural."

Enumclaw police commander Eric Sortland said the man, whose name was not released, was dropped off at a local hospital by an unknown person. The man died before doctors were able to treat him, Sortland said.

Detectives linked the victim to a Kings County farm. They performed a search and questioned a group of workers there. Sortland said police uncovered videotapes of several people, including the man who died, engaging in sexual acts with animals.

"It's quite astonishing that people would participate in this behavior and do so consistently," Sortland said. "That they would subject animals and livestock to this type of cruelty is flat-out disturbing."

Police also discovered Internet chat rooms and Web sites that posted free clips and advertised the Enumclaw farm as a place for people to engage in bestiality.

Despite the tapes, the Web sites, and a man's death, Sortland said no charges have been filed against the farm because bestiality is not a crime in Washington.

If Roach's legislation passes, Washington would become the 31st state banning sexual activity with animals and the seventh to classify bestiality as a felony.

After the videotapes surfaced, Roach said she felt it was important to also make it illegal to videotape, sell or have intent to sell videos of the 'abhorrent' sexual acts.

"Reproducing this stuff seems to be at the same level as partaking in the act, so I think that should be a class C felony too," she said.

Martin Mersereau, manager of the Domestic Animal Abuse Department at People for
the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), praised Roach's efforts to punish those who engage in bestiality and animal abuse.

"It's cruel. That's my stance and that's PETA's stance," Mersereau said. "I'll change my tune when Mr. Ed tells me he likes being raped in his stall by some pervert on a stepstool."

Nationwide problem

Although bestiality crimes often go undetected, recent cases have cropped up from coast to coast.

Moreover, these incidents have forced prosecutors in several states to find applicable laws to address allegations of animal sexual abuse.

turning leaf:

Last week, prosecutors in Tallahassee, Fla., dropped animal cruelty charges against a blind man who was accused of having sex with his guide dog. Florida, like Washington, doesn't have a bestiality statute.

Prosecutors were forced to charge the man with disorderly conduct, alleging he was disturbing the peace by engaging in sexual activity with his dog.

In St. Charles, Ill., 37-year-old Noel Huecias was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 12 months of probation for two incidents involving sexual interaction with a dog.

Ledy Van Kavage, a senior director at The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said growing instances of abuse show an immediate need for laws in states lacking them.

She said although most legislators are appalled by news of these acts, getting someone to sponsor a bill can be difficult.

"Legislators didn't want to be laughed at on the Senate floor. But it's not a laughing matter. Animals do die from this deviant behavior," Van Kavage said. "I show them news headlines and ask, 'Is this what you want your state to be known for?'"

Mersereau said he hopes cases like the one in Enumclaw will force Washington and other states to take a closer look at their legal stance on bestiality.

"Animals have no real say in this matter and they most likely are trusting of their human guardians," Mersereau said. "Every day without a law like this means more animals will suffer."

 starzluv: this may sound strange, but this came from my psycology instructor. in texas the reason it is a crime to have sex with an animal (of all reasons) is because it is considered rape, since an animal can not give concent.
 penguin: Ah, but you left something out of that report.. .probably unintentionally....  THE MAN WAS ON BOTTOM!!!!!!!! 

When I first heard that story, I was thinking, well I were a horse, I'd kick the guy too!  BUT NO!  The horse was on top!  The horse was forcively aroused and .. well, no more icky details, but the man is dead now, so.. YA!  NASTY! 
 Blueyes424: I think I am going to vomit up my chili cheese fritos..........that is just SICK AND WRONG!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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