Mind of an Adulterer

Mind of an Adulterer abc123: its an interesting read on the mind of an adulterer....http://www.ureader.co.uk/message/1004345.aspx

some other links i found



just google 'adultery adulterer psychology study statistics'...any combo of those and theres alot of info, it helps make sense of them

Re: Mind of an Adulterer charmed: Interesting info. I'll refrain from commenting further. My mouth is in need of releasing some bad words 'bout now  ;D
 Re: Mind of an Adulterer riversandlakes: okay, it pretty much describes me the way I think I am - the average joe? :-\
Though in this category I don't think the review says much at all...

Your scored 9 out of a possible 20.

You rate as: Medium risk promiscuity - 7 to 14 points

This group have promiscuous tendencies though they have control over these impulses. They might be more self-absorbed than average, can tend to ignore the feelings of others and will have limited social and personal conscientiousness. However they value and rely on their partner and are aware of the risk of giving up all they have in their relationship by succumbing to their desires.
 Re: Mind of an Adulterer jadedangel: [color=navy"> Yep ... I'm an average Joe too ... [/color">
 Re: Mind of an Adulterer Yeehaw: I got a six.... and has me wondering if that might be a bad thing.
It seems to me that if there is not any danger of straying, if that also means that in any future relationship that I'll be taken for granted - i.e. whomever I'm with will simply stop trying, just slob it out and do whatever she wants knowing that I wouldn't cheat/hurt her.

More head games... sigh.
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