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want divorce after 3 years

want divorce after 3 years greg512: Some of you might have read my first post about 2 months ago.,12530.0.html

Just wanted to give you an update. Back then we decided that we want to try it, and make some changes (give her/us more space).
Well what happend the last 2 months was basically she is going out with her "friends" three times a week on average. She doesn't come home before 2 am usually, just recently she came home at 7am in the morning (she claimed they were watching videos, yeah right). Her "friends" are some divorced mid 30's girls that act like 18 and hook up all the time with guys. And then she text messages / calls guys all the time that I never was introduced to or told about. I checked our cell phone bills, she actually woke up at 4am in the morning and send some guy a text message on her cell phone. I called the number to verify that it is a guy, he also is in her phonebook.

Anyways, you see what I am going through, it is hell. I never said anything the last 2 months, because I wanted to give her space and hoped she would come around. But that will never happen!!!

The funny thing is that she is happier than ever, she has best of both worlds. Has her caring husband at home when she needs something, and lives a single live when she pleases.

Today I reached my boiling point, and when I get off work I will sit down with her and tell her calmly that I want the divorce.
I am torturing myself since weeks by staying in this relationship, I need to think about myself and need to protect me from any more harm from this woman!

Wish me good luck!

sigkapgirl: Greg ~

I know this is hard, but it sounds like you're making the best decision for you. It seems like you have really thought this out and you are thinking rationally.

Its not fair to you for your wife to be acting this way.

I hope things go well tonight - good for you for protecting yourself.


 sourpuss: good luck, greg.

i'm sorry to hear what you're going through, but I agree with th, you've got to do what is best for you.
 confused_hubby: I envy you.  I don't envy the fact that you had problems in your relationship.  But I do envy you for having enough clarity and the strength to make a stand and do what's right for you.  Maybe some of it will rub off on me.  Good luck and best wishes to you.
 another1: I know its awfull to have to take
actions like this and I know how
hard this is to do but we all have
our breaking points I think you
found yours. I'm sure that you've
through this and are taking the
action you need to take. I can't
believe how people can end up
treating the ones they "love".
Take care of yourself.


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