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Re: Transitioning from "just dating" to "boyfriend/girlfriend"

Re: Transitioning from "just dating" to "boyfriend/girlfriend" dgiirl: There was a similar topic on another forum I frequent.  I think the reason it's weird for us is because we've gone from "Hi, meet my husband" to "Hi, meet my boyfriend". heheh  C'est la vie :)

LettinGo: Okay guys.  Humor me since I have never really "dated" since high school, and we all know it's NOT the same as adulthood dating.

When you are teenagers, the boys would do the cutesy, "Will you go out with me?" which meant girlfriend, or simply asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Sooooo as an adult, how do you transition from just casually dating to exclusively dating this one person?  The man I am seeing made a joke about being protective of me and not wanting other men near me (he's not psycho, just a joke .... I think) and I said, "Oh, so you think you are my boyfriend now or something?" teasing him, laughing ... then he told me to answer that question.  I kind of changed the subject ... lol.

Anyway, I am just curious how these conversations are handled as an adult. 


 microtech1: I am going through this myself right now. I don't know the answer either. It's a little weird introducing someone or refering to them as your GF/BF when you haven't really talked about it. I say just ask him what he is expecting out of this relationship and if he is saying he doesn't want other men around you, joking or not, I think you know.

He asked you to answer the question of if he was your boyfriend because he doesn't know what you think. He might be worried you are not ready for that label and is waiting until you start refering to him as your BF. It's ultimately up to you but I think you just have to ask?
 allmixedup: LOL, I just actually went through this. The other day she asked me if I might want her to be my girlfriend now or at some point. I said probably. I laughed said, why do you want to be my girlfriend now or at some point? She said, a little bit. I laughed. So anyway, I was with her last night and I asked her, so you still think you might want to be my girlfriend and she said yeah, why to you want me to be? I said, I think I might like that and she said, me too.  That was that.
SO yes, we are just like a couple of teenage like dorks. It is fun though. I think things can still be cute and dorky like that even when you are older.  ;D
 ChristyM: My new guy and I were just talking one night and he laughingly said "I think I have a girlfriend".  I didn't say anything to object ... I think something coy like "Oh ya think so?" and that was the end of that.  I don't get all wrapped up in labels and sometimes they downright scare me, but a label also infers exclusivity and it's nice to have that out on the table.  Amusingly, my daughter was on the phone with a friend the other night when P called and I heard her tell her friend "I need to get off the phone because my mom's boyfriend is calling on the other line".  Geez did it sound highschoolish.


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