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Nerve pills?

Nerve pills? EssieDotCom: does anyone take them? I was thinking about talking to my doc about this. Maybe it would help me mellow out a little bit about all of this instead of being all on edge about things....  :'(
mophead123: I was taking a kind of benzo (same family as valium, xanax, etc..) tha my doc prescibed for those times where I thought I was gonna lose it. I don't really take them anymore. But they were AMAZING hen I needed them. I really like them cause they only stayed in my system for 4 hours. Enough to give me the energy to fight through the rest of my day. Sometimes I would be a bit out of it. It was pretty much like a muscle relxant for your brain. Just helps you chill out a bit. I was never taking them every day, but at the beginning i would have streches of 3 or 4 days. Last weekend I hit a bad patch and popped one on Saturday. But in general I don't take'em. I always used them more as an emergency tool. Not to say there was a need to deny myself the pills, but as much as possible I have tried to fight this thing naturally. The pills don't solve anything but they do dumb down the pain temporarily when it is too excruciating to deal with. No on should suffer that much. Anyway, I would say go for it. they definitely helped me a ton.

 Shanna: I broke down and went to the doctor....She put me on Lexapro for my has helped me in other ways also....maybe you should try it?  Talk to your doc and see what they say???
 EssieDotCom: the funny thing about depression pills, which I've been given before, they dont' really seem to work or help me at all. My doc says it's because my depression is not only a part of the chemical inbalances of my brain but also the problems i have with my thyroid.  But I noticed the other night when i took two sleeping pills before i went to sleep, i could have cared less what he said to me it was like okay sureeee.  Despite my over powering feelings earlier that day that made me feel like I' was gona really lose it!  And I have lost it a few times here lately, more than my fair share. I figuare i'd better go talk to my doc before I addcit myself on sleeping pills for this kind of relief  :)
 lkt444: I've heard that Lexapro is a good one to try.  I take Wellbutrin that helps with the depression but I still have anxiety attacks every once in awhile and wish I had something to take during those.
[quote author=Sully link=topic=17420.msg151398#msg151398 date=1124492552"> has helped me in other ways also....[/quote">
In what other ways did it help you sully??  just curious.

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