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I am disappointed in myself

I am disappointed in myself My_farm: I am so disappointed in myself that this is affecting physically and mentally
so much. This is just so horrible and never ending 24/7.
I know that the future is bright,but getting there sucks.

Sorry,but I am also educated,but in these forums I think that the feelings
and content are more important than grammer.

Shanna: Don't let one persons need for perfection change you.  I understand that when you are down the last thing on your mind is correct paragraphs and puntuation.  Just don't worry about it.....there are plenty of us here who are happy to read everyone's posts.

HUGS babe, it does get better!

 cdoulatiff: I couldn't have said it better myself Sully!!!

Thinking of you My_farm!!!  I hope this feeling passes sooner than later for you.  I'm here to listen and offer support and comfort.

Take care


 jadedangel: [color=navy"> I think that is a big part of it for myself --- I am really disappointed in myself for letting someone affect me like this -- because I always said I would never let anyone do it again--- and here I am playing the fool/sucker/lovesick idiot.  How did I let myself get lost in the 'blindness of love' -- I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do. 

I thought I was so strong -- so determined that nothing could bring me down, and now I feel like fate pulled everything out from underneath me -- simply to laugh.  [/color">
 alonewith2: Just keep heading towards the doesn't matter how you get there, how many stops you take along the way, or how long it takes.....just as long as you try to keep in mind your final destination! 

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