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Seeing Someone's Soul

Seeing Someone's Soul Smiley17: As a spin off from BBH's thread, do you believe that you can see someone's soul through their eyes?

I believe that I can, and that's why I can trust so easily, but have a strong sense of fear too. I can see into someone's eyes and see their true soul on the inside. Sometimes it's scary, other times it's not.

I recently met someone who warned me that his soul was dark and sinister, but what I saw was different. It was scary, no doubt, but it wasn't sinister, it was hurt. Very hurt and very lost. I swear I saw his "life" behind his eyes. I knew there was a good "boy" on the inside, but suppressed by a very dark man. Past conversations validated this, and past actions proved it.

Most women I see into have a softer soul, and most men have harder souls. Not true for all, but most.

GG has a soft soul and it's very soothing. I can look at him and I don't see the same pain and darkness that I saw in M's eyes. It's safer, softer, and gentle. I feel safe with him, and safe when I look into his eyes. Almost to the point of being vulnerable.

I can see someone's pain behind their eyes. I used to ignore this and avoid eye contact, but since I've been through what I've been through, it doesn't scare me as much anymore, and I tend to listen to it.

Does anyone else feel they have this?
tyrogers: Bubba thinks you can.  He saw mine.  That's why we are together. 

I, on the other hand, can only see his soul through his eyes.  No one else affects me that way.


 charmed: I believe a lot is expressed through the eyes.

Call it weird, but I've often been able to give a very accurate analysis of a person from a picture. I've had friends to test me LOL and they would send me pictures of people I know NOTHING about. My accuracy has been about 80 - 100%.

My point...? LOL There's a story in every face and especially the eyes. It takes someone wanting to see beyond the surface to get the full impact.

[quote"> Most women I see into have a softer soul, and most men have harder souls. Not true for all, but most.[/quote">

I believe men have that softer soul, but it's hidden in the depths more so than on the surface.

don't mind me - I'm sleepy  ::)

 AfterMath: It's amazing what someone's eyes reveal.  Love, truth, contentment & happiness.  Or the darker side.  Seen both sets.
 WhiskeyGirl: I absolutely believe you can, I can look into someones eyes and see so much its scarey sometimes. I actually feel so strongly about it that I feel completey vulnerable and "naked" without sunglasses on, especially if I am with someone I am not 100% comfortable with.....the shades stay on until I trust ya ;)

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