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Is my wife crazy?

Is my wife crazy? Dharma Bum: More developments. Here's the timeline:

May 31: Wife tells me, out of the blue, that she can't be married anymore because she and her therapist are certain she is a lesbian. She sticks with this story until early-mid July.

Early-Mid July: all of her unhappiness becomes my fault. She never mentions being a lesbian again.

A couple weeks later I find out she is meeting and calling a guy in secret. She says "We're just friends" and we fight constantly about him. She lies constantly about it, so much so that every lie reveals more of the truth. I move out on September 7.

Within 2 weeks of my moving out, she starts sleeping with this guy and staying oevr some nights. She dumps our dogs, who she calls "her babies" so that she can sleep over for longer stretches of time.

Friday night I saw her car parked in front of his apartment and it hadn't moved by Sunday night (I work on weekends at a store on the same block, which she knows and obviously likes flaunting her new relationship). I believe she is living there full time, or close to it, now.

So, in a matter of weeks she has started an entire new serious relationship with a man, no divorce papers have been filed, anything else. I want to confront her with all this, but it's so not worth it. I don't care. I just want her to be miserable. I just don't understand how she can do this to me, treat me this way by flaunting her relationship right under my nose, after being together for 12 years.
Confused_puppy: Don't know whether she's crazy .... probably, like my ex, just really confused and acting like a caged animal .... not knowing where to turn. 

Also sounds like she's has a few co-dependency problems (ie "can't go it alone") ... I've been there too ... my wife also thought she was a lesbian for a time (although I have to admit at the time, I didn't think this was too much of a bad thing !!! :D ...)

Dharma ... I've read some of your posts before ... you know it's over (sorry to say that - but her behaviour makes it virtually impossible for you to forgive and forget) ... try and not let this get to you!

Be strong dude !


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