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What to do with the ring?

What to do with the ring? Spectrum: So, did anyone else find themselves with a rock they have no idea what to do with?

My engagement ring was sort of an accident, as my STBX paid a jeweler to design a setting, and the guy put it off so long that he just threw it into a funky (cool) setting he had on hand and sent it off, because the STBX was in a hurry to ask me.

We had a wedding band custom-designed around it, because the band on the engagement ring wasn't uniform.

Now I have this ring.... I think I'm going to get the rock reset in a different setting, but I'm not sure.

What did you gals do with yours?

notbychoice: Funny you mention this...I to have finally had the courage to dig my ring out of the bottom of the jewelry box and am wondering what to do with it. I thought of taking the diamonds and having them reset in another ring for another finger or some other piece of jewelry but a friend asked me "do you really want to always look at that diamond and be reminded???"
and thats kinda true if you think about I thought maybe just pawning it and taking the money and treating myself to something big that I normally wouldnt buy for myself.. I am curious to see what others have to say I am still unsure as to what I am going to do with it.

 bamboo: About a month ago I sold all the jewelry that my stbx ever gave me - everything from earrings to the engagement & wedding rings. I sold it all to an estate jeweler who gave me a lot more than what a pawn shop would have. Since we have no kids and I didn't ever want to wear any of it again, I figured selling it was my best option.
 Spectrum: I guess I have a different attitude about my diamond....

For some reason, even now, I look at it and think about all the hope and wonderful dreams tied up in it. It is the ring itself that I can't stand the sight of.

Plus, I thought that if I marry a man some day that can't afford to give me a $10K ring, it might be a neat little F*ck you to my STBX to have that rock in my next engagement ring.

 faegonsgold: Unfortunately, I only got half of my ring set. My STBX kept my engagement ring and wouldn't let me have it back. I paid for my wedding ring and his (yeah--see something wrong with this picture?). He also kept his. I got to keep my wedding ring--which has a lot less diamonds (and is worth less than the engagement ring) in it than the engagement ring did. So...I'm just going to keep my wedding ring and pass it on to my daughter (if I ever had a daughter). I too thought about getting the diamonds placed in to another setting or even made in to earrings. But, I've come to grips that that particular ring is part of me (just as is the wedding dress).

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