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Why is he doing this????

Why is he doing this???? faegonsgold: I talked to my lawyer today and of course it wasn't good news. After my STBX agreed to the original agreement, my lawyer drafted up the paperwork, sent it to his lawyer and they've had the paperwork for almost two weeks now. The STBX is refusing to sign the paperwork now because he just can't believe that this is over. And, to top it all off...I was asked through my attorney whether or not I would like to receive a gift from the STBX...I told my attorney no who then told the STBX's attorney no that i didn't want it. So what does his attorney do--send it to my attorney anyway. Dang! Do they (he--the STBX) not get the point???? >:(

I have had no contact with the STBX since October---would you not get it that I'm not coming back?? GEESH!!! Just let me go already---he's obviously already moved on. I think he's doing this just to spise me. Fine...guess we'll settle in court then. Let the judge sign for him.

Last night I cried myself to sleep after realizing he'd found someone new already and I went through our wedding pictures because he wants half. Today after talking with my lawyer, I was concentrating on keeping my BP at a decent level. I swear...if I don't end up in a stress center by the time this whole thing is'll be a miracle.

I'm so glad I have to work saturday (heart day). Seems appropriate in my opinion. :-\

btw: this venting space was a good idea! ;D
faegonsgold: Now he has a girlfriend??? geesh--that didn't take long!! huh...and i thought he loved me.....oh why not sign the papers???? :-\

 ChristyM: More than likely the girlfriend won't last. He's trying to find something to fill that need that he has. I wouldn't take it too hard that he "found" someone so quickly - it's probably a rebound. I doubt it will end up lasting.

 faegonsgold: It may not last, but I feel so sorry for the girl. I just don't want to see her go through what I went through. Especially since I can tell he's not "healed" and he still has problems to deal with. If only I could warn her.... :-\
 ChristyM: I know what you mean, but she should be smart enough to see the signs. That's the big reason why a person should think long and hard about getting involved with someone in the middle of a divorce or even fresh out of one. I know I've questioned my own motives sometimes. I think my s2bx will continue to make the same mistakes because he hasn't gotten help to understand why he has the feelings he does. BUT, I am not responsible for him now. What he does or who he sees will have to be worked out by him and only him.


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