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The Love of My Life

The Love of My Life jason: A.
You were the love of my life. We were together for 11 years, and I thought we'd be together till we died.
I still love you, you know. I begged you not to leave, and still you left. Our marriage could have been fixed, it just would have taken two to try, but you didn't want to.
It doesn't seem fair to me. How do you wake up one morning and announce that you don't wish to be married anymore without trying to fix it ? You crushed me with that statement. I never lied to you, never cheated, never hurt you and never stopped supporting you. Mostly, I loved you; certainly I supported you, and I don't know why you couldn't love me back. You really were my sunshine, and I miss you so much.
Now the lawyers have it. It's really over, and there is no hope. What do I have to look forward to right now ? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You are going to Mexico with your family at the end of the week. I'm sure you'll have fun. I sold the tractor I was going to plant our crops with this spring to keep the bill collectors at bay while I sell our home and our farm. You earn more in a month than I do in three, and yet you still want your share. This hurts me so deeply I cannot share it with anyone. Why do you wish to keep hurting me ? What did i do that was so wrong ? Who are you right now ? Will the person I knew, loved and respected ever come back ? Why do I still love you ? Why aren't you doing anything decent right now ? I know your family. They would be appalled by your behaviour. Maybe that's why you haven't talked to them. I don't know.

I love you and I still miss you. I feel so weak, don't really want to carry on.

All my love; J
pamela: i know the feeling ur feeling right sorry :'(


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