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Negative Feelings

Negative Feelings Buggs: Read this today and wanted to share with everyone. Thought it could help, I know it helped me. the one line that caught my attention was"this is your life, you are in charge".Curious to get some opinions as well.


Can We Transform Negative Conditions?
by John Payne

Q: How can we transform negative conditions into positive ones?

A: Let us first be clear on the definition of negative conditions. A negative condition is anything you perceive as lacking in joyful experience for yourself. What I mean is that one person working at a bank may experience that function as being tedious and lacking in joy, therefore it is a negative condition for that personality. Another person may perceive that experience to be joyful and a definitely positive condition. Conditions are relative, for in essence, there is no reality, but simply your perception of it. All is relative.

For one person, living abundantly would mean living in a mansion with 16 bedrooms and a swimming pool, for another, living in a log cabin on the side of a beautiful mountain. The wealthiest person in one neighbourhood could be the poorest in another neighbourhood. This state of comparison may lead them to perceive themselves differently. In others words, their income may have remained static, but comparison leads them to certain perceptions of themselves. It is not conditions that are negative, but your perception of them.

We also understand your question here. You want to say something like, "How could I possibly change my perception of being robbed, raped or murdered? They are definitely negative conditions; how could they be otherwise?"

From the perspective of the personality in the physical dimension, they are indeed negative conditions. However, viewed from the perspective of the non-physical world, the co-creation of such events are as 'perfect' as the creation of health, wealth, or any other condition. The Universe responds to thought. From our perspective, we can view such an event as an opportunity for the personality to learn through the experience. The vision that we hold is that you should learn that you can create equally powerful experiences that you will find uplifting and joyful. Each event in your life, whether you perceive it to be positive or negative, is indeed divine grace in action. Each creation, each event, seeks to return you to the essence of who you are, to return you to love.

You can choose to shift your perception of a negative condition by seeking the gift of wisdom within it. For example, a soul that wishes to develop the quality of perseverance will most likely set up childhood conditions that will give the emerging personality beliefs that will be limiting, beliefs that perhaps lead to feelings such as 'there's no point', etc. With these sets of beliefs, and the inner impulse of the soul to move on and persevere, the personality will be driven to overcome its 'inadequacy'. The beliefs, because they are magnetic, will draw to the personality events that would appear to be stumbling blocks. However, in reality, they are gifts through which the soul is encouraging the personality to overcome the challenges and excel in developing the chosen pre-selected qualities.

None of this means that your soul produces the negative conditions, or that you are subject to the will of your soul. This is your life; you are in charge. However, the key to all of this is to be in contact with your feelings. It is through your feelings that your soul encourages you and guides you away from that which is less joyful. Your Soul, or Greater Self, is in contact with you moment by moment through your feelings. It was agreed that, as you emerged into this physical world, these lines of communication would be maintained.

allovertheplace: i completely agree with all of this. i read a lot of books that are similarly themed. if you ever want any suggestions let me know. i have posted some of these on this website.

i truly think that the way you perceive a situation depends on your choice. i think that we make choices every single day. happiness is a choice, contentment is a choice. i think that we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and if we develop healthier thought patterns, we may be healthier people.


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