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Denying depression

Denying depression Bea: Please someone tell me this isn't depression. Tell me it's the holidays blues and once 2006 is here I'll be so freaking busy I won't have time to think about the awful way I feel. I cannot break down right now, my life is just starting again and I need to hold it together, but I hate waking up feeling like I really don't want to do anything, just stay in bed and sleep.

If this funk doesn't go away, I guess I'll have to hit the doctor's office... Ugh!
somechick: :-\    Well.......probably pretty safe to say it's the time of year Bea.
I work in the health care industry, amazing how the ER visits, Ambulance calls increase once December usually last till into the New Year.
        I struggle to get my butt out of bed and to work every morning lately too. I would blame the season, the commericials on tv with happy couples sharing their love and xmas presents with each other  etc.....sure doesn't help.
        Hang tough Bea......2006 will be here soon and it can be a fresh start for lots of us Ojarians!

 Bea: Well, never mind the -20 C we're having today. But hey, I took a shower, made my bed, had breakfast and in about an hour I'm going out to do what I have to do. Staying in isn't gonna help... As long as I'm aware of that I think I'm gonna be OK.

And I'm avoiding the mall like the plague! Call me Scrooge, but this is a sui generis Christmas for me, that's for sure. I hate the fact that what happened with my EX has made me kinda hate what I considered my favourite time of the year. I hope it's temporary.

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