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Coping with Not being his Princess...Anymore

Coping with Not being his Princess...Anymore SadEyez: My husband said he wish we were never intimate ( I was his 1st, he was my 2nd- but only guy that I slept with more than once)

anywho-- I used 2b his princess now he walked out on me , hates me & is filing 4 divorce tomorrow.  I feel like I've hit rock bottom and reached the epitome of true pain.  So why do I still love him & secretely hope he'll apologize ( at least 4 saying that)

even with what he did -- I would never have said anything like that.  why am I lonely and still miss "the old him"  .

he doesnt even miss me & can't stop going on about how wonderful his life is since he walked out on me.  We're still newlyweds 4 god's sake .

will I EVER get the truth, answers, closure, or an apology, or my marriage (renewed & redifined of course)

I feel so awful words cant descibe it.  How do I know when it's starting to get out of the ordinary?  My older sister seems to think it is and has been suggesting I see a therapist to help me move forward.  everyone keeps saying because Im 22 I have so much more ahead but I didnt/don't want a life with anyone outside of my husband.  How do I let go?  Why am I still holding on to it or him? ???
ChiefWiggum: You will not get the truth, answers, or an apology.



 bry911928: I have said this many o times, just know that everything happens for a reason.  Don't worry about the things you can't change, focus on those you can.

And have a plan b in case things don't go the way you want.


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