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i cant take it anymore

i cant take it anymore mboyd: i cant take this anymore ..................good bye all ...........god have mercy
bbygrl: My heart is with you...I have felt your pain just a short few months ago....get through this hour, then the next, then the next day. It will be worth it!! Nothing stays the same, thats a gaurantee, including how you feel in this moment. God bless you.

 PiscesGoddess: mboyd-

I just saw this..Please check back in and let us know you are hangin in there.. Dont go and do anything stupid k? I took an overdose 2 weeks ago and it was the stupidest thing I ever did..I didnt really want to die..I just wanted to get a break.get my husband to wake up and pay attention..but you know what? It didnt..and I could have lost my life..and life is precious! I dont want to go all preachy on ya..I just want you to know that I have been to the darkest of dark depths and I understand alot of us do..Dont let the lure of the so called "magic of the holidays" and that everyone should be together and one big happy family make you do something you'll regret.. Cause even if you killed yourself? you wouldnt be around to know if she gave a rip or not.. and think of your kids! Now you didnt out and out say you were thinking of suicide..thats just the tone I got..So Im hoping Im WAYYY off base..but Im gonna PM you with my email so you can let me know your okay...I SWEAR to you it gets better..maybe not every hour of every day..but it does get better even if its only in small moments.

 mikelr11: dont do anything stupid.  we all need to escape the reality of this from time to time.  not that i endorce alcholholism in any way,  but if you need to escape reality for a night, just stay home and get drunk, and hopefully after the morning hangover everything will look better and more clear to you.  we are all here for you 24/7.
 flyaway: mboyd......please post again.....let us know you're ok.  We worry about our own.... :-\  don't let the pain rob you of a future that will indeed be bright again someday.  again...please let us know how you are.


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