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I wish I never met u!

I wish I never met u! PROFKLUMP: I think yesterday and this morning I hit my rock bottom.  I had a melt down at lunch and cried my eyes out the entire time during lunch that I couldn't even eat. Then my ex of 6 years encouraged me to go out... (this isn't the ex I am crying over). The ex I am crying over was only a 8 month relationship. I went out with the ex of 6 years and there was so much stress and drama that I can't handle right now, I asked to be taken back to my car and she wouldn't so i had to walk several miles back to my car last night. I cried the whole walk... the whole drive home and when i got home I cried myself to sleep. After that episode I went rock bottom because i went through six years of that crap and 8 month of bliss with my ex of 8 month and how i would do anything to get that back. The only support I have is on here. I am in limbo and can't find a way to pick myself up! I know it was a bad idea to look for an ex X for support but I have no one else to turn to. I am reacting worse with this break up of 8 months then I did of my ex of 6 years. Think its time for some anti depressant since I can't beat it on my own. I miss you so much
Ali12377: do what you have to do to make yourself feel better. when I realized I needed to bring myself back to reality and live a healthy life again I enrolled in an art class as well as a kickboxing class (boy did that help with aggression!) then I also called my doc and asked for anti-depressants.  It helped me stop crying every day.  they don't make you feel happy but they bring you back to a "normal" feeling.  now I'm at the end of my perscription and I feel good enough to be off them.  they just helped me over that GIANT bump in the road, maybe they will help you as well.  But make sure you start doing other healthy things that lift your spirits as well--before you know it you'll be feeling much better!!  ;D


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