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stbX injured

stbX injured notmyself: so my stbx was badly injured yesterday in a motorcycle accident.  we have been seperated for 4 months.  i found out last night, 6 hours after it happened.  his parents were with him at the hospital.  he is still admitted.  dislocated and broken shoulder, something about his hip, road rash all over hands, hip, legs... i talked to him this morning, drs are discussing placing pins.  i feel strange because i am not there, but at the same time i have no desire to be there.  i found out by accident that it had happened.  i called him to tell him that i was forwarding his mail, and his dad answered his cell phone.  the hospital called his father when it happened.  stbx told me this morning that he had asked him mom to call me but obviously she had not.  i just don't know.  he got hurt christmas time and i was right there for everything.  i even stayed at the hospital with him.  i just feel strange.  i am his ex now and i guess this is the first time i am feeling it.  it has been different for me acknowledging that he is dating or the like.  i am just so used to taking care of him.  it really is over.  i don't like feeling like this.  it is a different kind of mourning.  all over again.  sorry to ramble...... :(

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