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Some poems from when we first started dating...

Some poems from when we first started dating... bkg: Wow.... didn't even know I still had these.... :o

Winter Morn
It started on a winter morn
the glow of fire soft and warm
and she all cuddled in my arm
The glisten of a flake of snow
with ney another place to go
snuggled comfort here i know
Blanket wrapped to keep her near
out the bow we see it clear
a winter wonderland appear
Stay inside together long
other simple worries gone
just us here together strong
Cozy as the day goes by
sun begins it's sleep for night
she is here still by my side
We passed into a winter eve
no where else I long to be
no closer dream I can conceive

The snowflakes fall and cover the ground
Collecting like millions of white rose petals
The air is silent as I look over the frozen lake
I hear the crackle of the fireplace in the background
The sun is beginning to set over the far western horizon
I turn around to a warm and inviting smile
Wine glass in hand, she invites me to sit
I retreart once again into her arms.

Twas an early morning, November tenth
I stepped to the window, she still in bed
I looked upon the fallen leaves
With wide eyed wonder, I do believe
I watched her sleep, so sound, so sweet
I smiled and kissed her upon her cheek
I later sat with coffee in hand
Reflecting just how lucky I am
For here I sit, I smile again
With my world, my everything, so peaceful in bed

bkg: More... :o :-[

To fill a page with emotion thought
A pen will flow of feelings ought
Shine the day of mist and wind
My pen set down, emotion thin
I try to climb a tree to hear
A cry of hearts, they're breaking near
For rain has crashed the leaf on down
Gaze at midnight, with pen and gown
And still I see that light ahead
the glow of wonder, magic said
turn it down, the feelings are
of night and sleep... of aching heart.

Try as I might, a whimper cry
to feel the pain, ashamed amd I
of bird and dove, I see the clear
a smile, a wink, that you are near

I knew that when I came home
i would have less to say
a promise was made to share these thoughts
but now they seem so far away
inside I know they still abound
but to find them is hard
I must try, I pledge tonight
I've come this far
the pen feels strange while in my hand
perhaps I'm scared to share
a block inside my mind to night
to write of things I care

Time slows for no one
despite our attempts at changing the past
we can only do for tomorrow
that which our hearts long us to
tomorrow holds the meaning, the hope
of truth and love and warmth and God
Yesterday releases it's grip on the future
as we dream of what might be

A sunrise, a sunset
a butterfly on your nose
the coolest breeze and warmest stream
there could be more, I suppose

A plan to write of feelings true
of fear and hope, excitement too
to bear a soul of all that's new
and share the thought, I can, I do
to wonder if I see it clear
a blur of feeling hidden here
to give away and draw so near
one who's smile becomes so dear
sing a praise of joy inside
show the warmth I cannot hide
of fear and hope I do abide
the new romance I long to try

 bkg: And still more!!!! Damn.. I'm tearing up a bit... I don't think I ever shared these with her... even then... :'(

I have yet to cry
perhaps to mourn
i wear inside
a crown of thorns
my burdon deep
i cannot tell
of pain to keep
i know too well
to share a fear
with those I love
to see it here
or look above
alone I sit
my heart in hand
I dream of it
without that man
of days ahead
I walk alone
a shallow breath
is all I own
this finish plan
I cannot hide
a fearful man
I keep inside
I sit today
to say good-bye
I cannot say
with tear in eye

Once upon a starry night
I dreamed of music soft and white
Of children's laughter warm and bright
And ever after, here tonight.

It started out the softest glow
warm as sun in May
Cold to touch as fallen snow
Could it be? I cannot say
I sat in awe of what I found
I cannot speak a word
For standing there in silken gown
With voice that must be heard
A beauty deep and ripe with love
Too much so to explain
Softest skin white as a dove
I try to speak again
For this I'm sure remembered not
Of times and days gone by
At certain times I wonder not
If she was here for I

Thy moon must shine of white and blue
Children play as they often do
I hear the mist and rain and dew
And look ahead to the day anew

 bkg: Wrote this a week before she broke up with her (then) boyfriend, back in 2000. This is about 3 monhts after we saw each other again after 12 years. Three months after I knew she was the one...

i've heard it's darkest before the dawn
i'm not sure who figured that out
but each day brings a new life to look upon

each morning is a new beginning
a rebirth of heart and soul
one must only look a the trees to know this

as the moon decends and the sun rises
a transformation takes place
the present turns to past and future greets us

it is only up to us to view
to decide how to receive this gift
to remember that which was

or to look ahead at what will be

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