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First Contact problem

First Contact problem Gabo: Ok, so I am back on the dating game. I feel a lot better than 3 months ago.

I've decided to go to a Starbuck's near home and try my luck over there. I usually go there, take my book, read and watch people.

Now, I have a problem.

I'm a very attractive man and have a lot of personality. Usually when I
go to the Starbuck's (It's been 3 times) at least 5 girls keep looking at me, and one or two smiles or smiles back.

I am so SHY! I just can't get off my chair and say Hi or say something. When a girl smiles me I'm just like a deer in headlights. I was with X since HIgh School so I am not used to go and talk to women who I don't know.

Any suggestions? When a girl smiles me, what should I say or do? I get really really nervous and just can't pull the nerve to talk to anyone. I don't even know what to say.

Thanks for any advice.
Peaceandquiet: Look down at drink and ask them what they ordered, cause it looks so much better than what you have, then offer to buy them another......

Ask them if they have any sugar cause they just look so sweet.. JK JK don't use that one...just a joke ;D

 yella: Muhahaha!!! This looks like a job for Smiley!  ;)

Well, Jabe, I'm known here as the girl who gave a Gas Guy her phone number, and if it wasn't for the people here, I probably wouldn't have done it.

In person I'm very shy. I never just go up to people and start talking, so it's tough to know what to do.

This worked for me...

I wrote Gas Guy a note telling him that I thought he was nice, and if he wanted to get to know me, call me.

The next day... I got that call, but I didn't just do this.

I noticed for a couple of months that we made CONSTANT eye contact, and whenever I pulled into the station, he was the one who serviced my car, so I felt there was a vibe from him.

The best way to talk to someone is to check out the vibe first. Let her get a feel for your presence, and if you notice constant signals, go for it.

That's the best advice I can give, and it's what worked for me. Keep up posted!!!  :D
 Peaceandquiet: That gave me an idea Smiley.

Ok Here is what you do, write a note on a small piece of paper that says something like "can I buy you a cup of coffee"  put it in your book, then go over to her and say "Excuse me, I'm having a little trouble with this sentence could you help me out?" Then point to the note inside the book.  Make sure you write the note there so it dosen't look planned.
 yella: Awww!!!! How romantic!!!!!!  :D

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