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Straighforward, plain simple and cruel maybe?

Straighforward, plain simple and cruel maybe? Jessy_Miami: I've been separated for almost 8 months already. I begged my wife, tried in everyway imaginable to get her back. After so many tries I simply accepted the fact it was OVER.  I was, for around 6 months a dormat. (that was about a year ago)

One thing that always bothered me was that I kept for myself everything I knew, always refraining from critizing or simply to avoid comfrontation in the hopes of getting back together in the future. (I was afraid)

Today, for the second time this month wife calls me, CRYING and absolutely in what seems to be a total breakdown telling me she can't take it anymore, that the divorce is all a mistake, that she doesn't know what to do, that she is desperate, that she misses me very much. That it was a mistake that I didn't spend Christmas with the kids and her.

So, I made what I think was a mistake. Instead of conforting her to make her feel better I told her:

Ok, you don't seem to be in bad shape after all, the kids tell me they have trouble sleeping because you usually arrive very late (around 3:00AM) everyday and they worry about you. Besides, your brother (who is supposedly taking care of the kids, goes to bed at 11:00PM) so They worry even more because they are always thinging something happened to you. They don't have any fucking idea of what you are doing... they are too innocent.

You appear on almost EVERY picture in the site for several clubs in the Miami area with different men, hugging, jumping and dancing. And no, I didn't find it looking for YOU in the pictures, but looking for ME! I don't deny going dancing like you do. The only difference being you telling me you only worry about the kids and NEVER EVER GO OUT.

Why this breakdown??  if you asked me to divorce? Remember, you were the one who told me a year from now (yeah, in new years eve) that you didn't love me anymore. Besides, you cheated, and altough I caught you 6 times doing it you promised to stop but no... you kept doing it... with no regard of any kind. remember now??? or you are really THAT wacko that you forgot all your memories????

How can you be in such a bad shape if you have NOTHING to worry about?? No mortgage because I got you a new house ($250,000.00) bought in cash for the kids, you have a nice car and earn around $2000 and on top of that I give you $2000 for child support. AND I take the kids every other weekend... ohh.. almost forgot, When you call me telling me they need clothes I don't tell you to use the $2000 I give you, I simply agree and pick them up.. you know why? because I don't give a shit about money.. I work for my kids, I don't spend a day in The Limited or Guess picking up expensive clothes they DAY AFTER you tell me you have cancer in the mouth (which was dismissed as cancer, but a form of leukoplakia) and you need more money for a biopsy... tell me something Am I hurting you?  This are proven facts and YOU KNOW IT.

How can you be in such a bad shape if I haven't even bothered you in the past 8 months about your whereabouts and relationships?

Are you mad because I'm telling you all this? well.. Nobody has the balls to be a straightshooter with you because you play the victim and manipulate brother, friends, mother and father into believing they are ALWAYS wrong.. after all, you are never wrong right?

Dear Ex, I don't hate you, I give a shit what you do or think of this. I just care about my kids and that you don't create a trauma for them... but don't laught on people faces and pee on them treating them like stupid human beings... stop the drama and start acting like an adult.

The good news is... she is not crying anymore :) and she seemed to be talking like an adult when she hang up on me.
ajw: a round of applause for Jessy please...........hometruths often hurt the most....but its time she heard some........good for you

Happy new year


 bluesman: to the point!  bet you felt pretty good when you let it out...I find no cruel remarks in anything you said...
 krayzeeme: Way to go!

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it takes the truth to open eyes...

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