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STBX is now EX!!!!

STBX is now EX!!!! ChrisJane: It's taken 7 months but it is done ;D the weight is lifted. Last night I slept the best ever in YEARS!!!!!

The same man that left me with nothing, wanted everything, didn't show up for the final hearing or his parenting class. Who got screwed, not me. He hurt himself. The judge changed all the orders I had agreed to.

I will get an earful when he gets his final papers. Failing to go back to work when a job was offered thinking he was hurting me, well now he has to pay the full amount of support he is behind during the temporary order. Not providing information to why the temporary child support order should be changed, the judge did not reduce it--even though I had agreed to lower it. He also has to start paying an additional payment each month on the current support order until current. He has to pay all my legal fees. Not attending the parenting class, well it cost him his visitations. the judge now controls whether he can see our son or not. Course in 7 months he has only asked to see him 3 times and the last time he cancelled out at the last minute.

All the months of worrying, thinking it was cheaper to keep him....its over and what a relief!!!

I know I'll have to go through the ordeal of his ranting when he gets his papers, but I had no say in the final papers. The judge told my attorney what to put on paper.

I'll have the blame even though I know I didn't cause this. He has to blame someone and we no he should hold no blame--yeah right!

Lumpy: Congrats ChrisJane! Sounds like we need to have a Ojar graduation ceremony. Your Ex(sounds good don't it) needs a serious lesson in accountabilty. Looks like you provided him with one! Seems like your judgement might be worth having to put up a little ranting from him. He only has himself to blame. Stay sane.

 incoherentlonghorn: Chris Jane,
I am so excited for you, especially since that bummer a couple of weeks ago when the judge didn't grant you a divorce because of his no show and failure to attend the parenting class. I go next weekend by the way...thanks for the advice. Mine has completed his after a little persuasion.

I am also glad to hear you can sleep soundly. Well done and best wishes!!!! ;D
 ChrisJane: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Can you blieve after all this he kicks out the girlfriend from the past year and is being NICE...

He got a rude awakening that he can't assume things will just go away if he ignores them. Other then wives. He's lost 3 now.

I'm sleeping great again. I've lost another 7 inches! I have dates!

I'm happy.

 picadilly: Congrats ChrisJane ;D

It's amazing that just about anyone can have kids but not everyone is prepared to have them. They should have to give people a licence to have kids & if you abuse it then they should be able to stop you from ever having them again. Harsh but just stupid to have kids & then decide you don't want anything to do with them.

Anyway, ChrisJane, you have your freedom & you have your son. Win-win for you.

Peace & love.

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