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Happy Valentine's Day????

Happy Valentine's Day???? lapse of reason: So is anyone else angry, bitter, upset that it is Valentine's Day and the love of your life will be spending it with someone else?  Oh wait...its just me!
I am sitting in my office and the deliveries are starting to flow in.  All I can think is that OW is getting flowers today from my man!  They will be at dinner tonight and enjoying a beautiful day.  I will be here all day watching everyone else enjoy their relationship.
Me...bitter....No way!
grimreaper: I'm with you on that one. It sucks. I know the feeling...

 somechick:   Well, the way I'm trying to look at it.....I made it thru Christmas and New Years okay.
So, I figure this is the last "couple" type holiday for awhile.
Easter shouldn't be a problem..... of course that's all about bunnies, which makes me think of sex, which of course is lacking now.........Okay...the hell with it, I'm hopping on the bitter bandwagon too!!

 grimreaper: [quote"> Okay...the hell with it, I'm hopping on the bitter bandwagon too!![/quote">

lol. Welcome. ;-)

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