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That movie reminds me of my divorce

That movie reminds me of my divorce sadgirl951: I have been away from this site because classes started up. Man, it's hard getting back into the swing of things. Anyway, four day weekend and was trying to finish homework before Saturday(party day), but I was haulted in my tracks.

My attention went into this movie on Starz:
"A Walk On The Moon" with Diane Lane

Maybe some of you seen this 99 film but I never did. It's about this housewife who cheats on her husband and they show all the affects of it. The husbands(related to me), the bastard wife(relates to my husband), the kids(don't have any), the family and friends reactions, everything. It's over now but it really got me sad, got me reminding me about my divorce.

hudson: Funny you mention that movie, I watched it this evening.  It was pretty good, diana lane looks gorgeous as usual.

I think for me, a movie that reminded me of my divorce was "in good company" with dennis quaid, topher grace and scarlett johanssen.  Especially the scene when topher walks in the door after getting his big promotion only to find his wife standing there, bags packed on her way out.

Also kind of the way topher's character had to figure out who he really was, what he wanted out of life, the whole shift in expectations.  His character learned a lot about himself throughout the course of the movie.

 Tarheel: Because of Winn-Dixie

This doesn't so much remind me of my divorce, but perhaps what lies down the road for me and my daughter.  Jeff Daniels plays a preacher who's raising his daughter by himself after his wife just went off and left them for no good reason.  For a new start they move to a small Florida town, where the girl, about 8 or 9 probably, upon seeing the relationships of everybody in the town, starts to ask questions about what happened to Mom.

FABULOUS movie that makes me cry EVERY time I see it.
 amess: The War of the Roses.  Except no one here died in the end.  But that was my divorce.  When I saw it, I couldn't believe it.  That is what I went through for a year.

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