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My f**cking mother

My f**cking mother Cherry: My mom just called and we got in a fight.  She is pissed that I have been taking trips here lately.  Even though it is staying with friends and costs very little money.  I drive them all, so there is no plane tickets.  The ones where I went to see my ex bf when we were together.  And the fact that I was dating in the first place.

She says I am selfish for doing any of that.  For wanting to have a life.  That I should go back to church.  That it is wrong of me to let them see their dad cuz he is a bad parent, and that I only get mad that he doesnt see them cuz it cuts into my time.  WTF???

I have taken care of my son since he was born pretty much by myself, handled my miscarriage and my pregnancy with my girl (when I was so sick) and since she was born I have cared for them both myself.

Just because she has never dated since my step-father, sorry Im not going to do that.  I was 11 when she left him and she NEVER went out.  Never with friends or a date.  Hell probably hasnt gotten laid since then either.  Sorry aint gonna happen.

She says I dont deserve a life, that I dont get one.  My kids should be every moment of my day and hates "that Im neglecting them"  EXCUSE ME B!TCH WHAT DID YOU SAY???    >:(

She wants me to move back to CT with her.  Live in a f**king 2 bedroom town house with her, my sister and her fiancee, their son, a baby on the way.  My sometimes there psycho sister, and me and 2 kids.  (she doesnt care if I live in her living room).  She wants me to leave all my stuff, pack my car and go.

Im so pissed Im probably leaving stuff out.  But she pretty much hung up on me when I tried to tell her that was the way she lived her life but not the way I was gonna live mine.

So basically I am a horrible, selfish, sh!tty mother.
IlliniGirl: Cherry~

You are NOT a shitty mother.  You are providing for them, and caring for them, and making sure that they have a roof over their heads and food in their tummies.

On another note, in my opinion, you are doing them a favor by having an outside life.  Sometimes you NEED that get away.  You NEED to be able to get out and have fun with your friends, and be able to remember and be shown that you are not only a mother, but a woman too.

You do NOT neglect your kids.  You are a wonderful mom.  Just tonight, I heard you playing with A and getting things for E while he was in the shower.  A was laughing and giggling so much, I thought she was going to cry.  She sounded so happy and cute, and you sounded very happy too.

I think personally that your mom is simply jealous that you are doing things that she didn't do.  She chose to live her life that way, and she thinks that her way is the only way.  Well, it's not.

Honey, you are a good mom.  Don't let yours tell you otherwise.  I've seen you with those babies, and you are wonderful with them.

I love you girl, and if you need me, you know where I am!!!



 PiscesGoddess: Cherry~

Sounds like she is extremely jealous of you and the way you live your life. You are able to raise your kids well and have a social life too..and it sounds like she hates it..because she is so damned envious..because either A: She couldnt do it.. or B: She's not doing it now. Misery loves company they say.. and I think thats why she wants you to move back.

I know its hard ..but just take her with a grain of salt..I swore I wouldnt live like my mother either..stuck in a loveless marriage until the day I died.. (which is what my mom did) and she never approved of it. I finally learned to let it go in one ear and out the other.. ::) but mothers sure do know how to push our buttons dont they? ;)

I'd give anything to have my mom call up and have another screaming match with her..  :-\ Just remember.. you are not what she says you are.. and you are an adult now..she cant order you around.

You know you are doing a good job and thats all that dont need her approval or anyone elses. :)

Do you think we'll do this to our kids when they grow up?  :o

 sudboy: [quote author=Cherry link=topic=25726.msg244691#msg244691 date=1140320063">
She says I am selfish for doing any of that.  For wanting to have a life.

News flash Cherry.  Life goes on --  even if you are a single mom or a single dad.  And guess what?  It's your life and you need to live it as best you see fit.  And of course sometimes that means you have to have some fun -- and not damn feel guilty about it!!

But hey you already know this right?  :)


P.S.  I went and got my passport photos made today.  Just wait till my mom finds out where I'm going!
 Cherry: [quote author=PiscesGoddess link=topic=25726.msg244700#msg244700 date=1140320648">
Do you think we'll do this to our kids when they grow up?  :o[/quote">

OMG I so hope not.  :D

[quote author=sudboy link=topic=25726.msg244701#msg244701 date=1140320710">

P.S.  I went and got my passport photos made today.  Just wait till my mom finds out where I'm going!

OMG you reminded me, I need to get mine for Vancouver, she would extra shit if she knew I was going there.

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