Re: I am an ebay-oholic!

Re: I am an ebay-oholic! smokin: yes me. i sell under smo-kin

its addicting.
I am an ebay-oholic! sosad05: I am addicted to ebay. I am at all times watching/bidding. The thrill of winning the bid.

Anyone else addicted to ebay?
 Re: I am an ebay-oholic! brokenbaby: I have an e-bay business as well.  It's great fun. I try not to bid, I get in trouble. If I do bid, I set a very strict price limit for myself and dont watch the auction...
 Re: I am an ebay-oholic! JNA: I'm not but my Dad is on there all the time...

Cracks me up because about five years ago you couldn't get him near a computer

Too funny he buy Steins as he has been collecting them for years

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