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Re: Chit Chat calls

Re: Chit Chat calls husky: My ex called me everyday to talk for hours, sometimes a few times a day, just to tell me about his day and other mundane stuff.  He made me feel like the most important person in his world, like i am the only person he would call to share things with.  During these chit chat calls, he told me more than once that he still have feelings for me.

And then on Valentine's Day, he went out with another girl and was thinking of getting together with her. 

When i asked him what the hell he think he is doing, he said he regard me as a very good friend and really enjoyed talking to me, that's why he called to chit chat everyday.

I told him off, told him he was obviously leading me on.  He held my hand and acted all lovey dovey when we go out and told me more than once he still have feelings for me.  Yet at the end of the day, he's telling me he regards me as good friend.  B@#tard!
1hrtbroken+2: STBXH called me last night about 10 p.m. just to chit chat, talk about his day, the weather, how the kids are, how's my new job coming along.....crap like that.  EXCUSE ME, but where is his head????  Does he think that he's just away at a convention or training seminar and is calling home like he use to do???!!!

Right now I'm just biding my time, being nice and polite to him until I get my money in had from the tax return...then I'm getting a case of the BI's.  He's going to be so broke he'll be asking "you want fries with that?".

A$$ wipe didn't send any support last month and here it is the 21st and no money this month....he's still dating the OW, which now he has feelings for her, but isn't "in love" with her.  Right now, I wouldn't take him back even if he paid me to take him back!  He doesn't deserve the love and devotion that I gave him!  It's been 3 months since he's seen his kids and he hardly calls them.  For the week they were with in at Thanksgiving, I called everyday sometimes twice a day...He can't even manage to call when he says he's going to call - PIG! No pun intended.

Daughter asked me last night when we were going to get back together..told her we weren't unless daddy stopped seeing the OW and started really showing mommy that he wanted us.

But anyway, back on topic, what is up with the Chit Chatty calls?

 21218: he realizes he's an idiot and he's trying to work his way back in.

he's lonely and sad and upset and he realizes he screwed up.

he gave up someone who wanted to hear about all the dumb boring shit in his life, and he realizes that the dumb boring shit that he gave up for her new and wonderful life is a bunch of crap ... life is doing a crossword in bed on a sunday, it's looking at the person in bed and thinking they're the most beautiful thing in the world. it's shopping for groceries and walking the dog.

he's an idiot ... he still isn't to the point where he realizes he made a mistake, let alone admit it. he's acting like an animal or a child ... he acts because he has a feeling in his gut or brain (or ... other places ... ;) ... ) and he acts on it without thinking about what the consequences are for him and everyone else, how other people might be feeling and thinking.
 JNA: Well it has just been my experience that they do this when they want something or want you not to do something...

The only other I have seen is when they are keeping you on the line to get up to speed with some knew "hottie"



 Lumpy:   Perhaps he is trying to keep you on the hook in case things don't work out with the OW. Maybe he's trying to alleviate some of his guilt by attempting to hold onto your friendship. Who knows? The trick is, not to give a hairy rat's ass...

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