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Re: For The Men Who Have Been Cheated On

Re: For The Men Who Have Been Cheated On thehitekrednek: You know, it's all well and good that if you feel unloved and unwanted, that you should want to change this. We all need to feel loved and wanted.
BUT......In my case, and I think in alot of cases, all it would take is a simple conversation to straighten the whole thing out. If these cheaters (men and women) would just take the time they use to find another, to communicate thier needs to thier spouses, I'm willing to bet 80% of the marriages could be saved.
Once the cheating starts, the issues become 10 fold and the process of saving the marriage becomes so huge, it's easier to bail out then try to fix it.

Just my experience and opinion

rjack0612: That would be a circle of other cheating women or their mother's!! (LOL)

 rjack0612: As most of you (like me) can tell there is not a lot of information out there for men who are going thru this nightmare. Most of the book, how to's etc.. are geared towrad women who have been cheated on. In fact, just about every movie on LIFETIME involves a man doing a woman wrong.

I am in the process of putting a documentary together that will help men going thru this crisis. Kind of like a video OJAR. It is amazing how similar many of our situations are. If any of you are interested in participating in sharing your story and want to help others please email me.

 Obiwan: LIFETIME - the man-hater movie channel!
 rjack0612: Their slogan should be: LIFETIME, television for women who hate men!!

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