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My husband is crazy

My husband is crazy jade281: He is into computers so he is watching everything I do and getting into all of my accounts.  This man said he didn't want to be with me but he is stalking me and telling me how I am wrong for talking to other guys on the net.  He watches my every move even down to how I spend my money.  Guys I don't know what kind of mental state he is in.  He is the one that left me I should be the psychotic one here.  He takes the kids to his house to spend the night but I have no clue as to where he lives.  I told him that I was going to report that to the mediator the next time we go in to file an update on the child support.  He told me he will just tell them that he stays at his parents house and that will be that.  What can I do? ? ?
ajw: you tell the mediator its not true they stay at his parents,and you get the mediator to note it......cause in the end this will blow up in his face.....if he ends up lying in front of judge,his goose is cooked.....

As for you talking to other men........just tell him......its none of his f**king business

 jade281: I did tell him it was none of his business.  I also told him not to go through my accounts and things any more and that he has been warned.  If I find out it continues I will notify higher authorities.  I let his parents know what he was doing as well.  He is 25 and I am 24 by the way.  I am just so tire of all of the bull****. He is not acting like a man that wants to be separated at all.  He still wants to control what I am doing over here and at the same time continue to live his other life.  I have told him several times to leave me alone what I do is not his business.  I am certainly not concerned about him. 
 brokenbaby: Maybe changing your accounts is in order so he doesnt have access to them.  You need to keep record of all of this, start writing it down so you don't forget any of it.  The more details you can give when you report him the better of you'll be.

Good luck.
 worchid76: Hey just a quik note. If the computer you are using used to be his or he actually had acces to it it might not matter to change accounts. There is such a thing as programs they can instull on you computer(you can goole this) this programs are called key catchers. He puts that in and just like magic he gets a document file of everything you do in your coputer. when you went online what web sites what codes passwords to what accounts. It is scary. Scan your computer for this or have someone do it for you.
It was done to me that is why I say this.  >:(
Some men are crazy!!!

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