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Every Single Tear

Every Single Tear churchy: OK.  My screen name is Churchy and so of course I listen to contemporary Christian music!   ;D  I thought this song appropriate, and hopefully, some of you might be touched by the lyrics.  I know I was...

Every Single Tear - Scott Krippayne

You feel insignificant,
a whisper in the wind.
Sometimes you think nobody knows your name.
But there's somebody watching over you,
and He knows everything you're going through.

He sees every single tear.
He feels everything you're feeling.
He wants to hold you close and dry your eyes.
Oh, your heart is what He hears,
when the world just hears you crying.
No matter what the pain, He cares -
about every single tear...

Overwhelmed by circumstances
out of your control.
Hope can be the hardest thing to find.
When you're like a heart without a home;
you don't have to face this hurt alone!


If God adorns the lillies of the field,
and cares for every sparrow in the sky?
How much more is He aware
of your sorrow and despair?
How much does He care about your life!


down2basics: :D Beautiful!!!   :D


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