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OMG I wanted to hit him so bad...

OMG I wanted to hit him so bad... worchid76: My husband and I have been separated since Nov last year. I got my own place and only left with my clothing he kept everything else. Like I said before he does not help me financialy even though he knows most of the time I struggle. So (maybe is a culture thing) I do not ask him for help anyway.
He is always trying to come over to use the amenities in my apartment complex >:( I feel terrible to say no because of the kids but I have to put my foot down. It is not my fault I live in a nicer place.
Anyway we started to argue about him not understanding the meaning of giving anyone space. Long story short;  were heading out them going one way and me on the other. Right before stepping outside he said to my 3yr son "Let's go Dom mommy does not want us here"
This is what I get for letting him get his way and loose my lawyer, separate in stead of divorcing him too.
threetimeloser: Wow, this is the second post of the same kind and the ex saying the exact same thing. A$$holeitis is spreading.

Stay strong orchid. And try to get a lawyer as soon as possible. From what I read before, I think he is trying to get you to extend the case, because that is more time he gets without paying. I thiink he knows he has to pay and he is stonewalling you.


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