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horrible today

horrible today broken_saint: started off my day with another dream of her and now i'm at the point (again) where my day is clouded with thoughts of her. i'm having such a hard time trying to get past the hurt. in my gut, i feel that she's with someone else and has been for a while. just wish she would've told me instead of abandoning me the way she did. at least i would know why this has all happened out of the blue. it just hurts that my best friend has put me through all this and has no resentment about it. no calls. no nothing. time is still passing along and i'm still emotionally devastated. somedays i wish she would just call me and somedays i wish i could just forget her completely the way she has with me. feeling horrible today. it's my day off and there's not much i want to do.
Lynn: Hey,

That seems to be a common thread. My husband of twenty-five years left me for "the other woman" last July. We're still legally married, yet he spends his days off with her. No explanation. Nothing.



 toofreshtothinkright: I'm right there with you.  I am about to cave and send her an email.... I've been fighting the urge for so long, I don't think I can do it anymore.  The difference is I KNOW she is with someone else.  It really sucks because her hard drive just got fried and we lost our 4 years of pictures.:(  She can't even reminisce if she wants too.

The pain is overbearing when you finally find the right person but turly don't know it until it is too late.
 chiefkyle: Don't do it. You'll just hurt more. And prolong the pain.

I was at the end of my rope today. She called yesterday, so I can't stop thinking about her today. I was damn near ready to text her. But I didn't. I text my room mate instead, at work. She helped me through it. ALL IT TAKES, is talking to someone other than her, to feel better. Even if you talk about her, you'll feel better.

Love is a drug. Contacting someone is like taking the drug. You feel good momentarily, but then you hate yourself.

Co-dependent. Whithout her, you don't feel whole.

Just do what you need to do around the house. Then watch some tv. But don't e-mail her. You'll feel sh*tty afterwords.

Sorry if I seem demanding, I went through what your going through, earlier today. I wanted someone to kick me in the ass and say, "DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL REGRET IT!" So I'm going to do it for you.
 broken_saint: Ya toofresh,

honestly, don't bother emailing or contacting her. now is not the time and she'll just ignore it, there's not one story i've heard here or anywhere else where "contacting the x" ending up doing anything moving. no matter what was written. it's just one of those days for me. i ended up hanging out with some friends, got drunk, the other guy whipped out a blunt, said F' it. got wasted and here i am. lol pretty pathetic no? bleh....

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