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Re: I'm trembling...

Re: I'm trembling... newts: Hey Ih8,

I know you would love to see her, however, the way it affecting you and that is just at the thought of seeing her, I think maybe it might be a good idea to not be at home. If you want to see her stay around, if you don't think your ready don't do it!

Good luck 8... we will be thinking of you.
walkingzombie: h8, I missed this!

I would strongly suggest you don't be there, you think that even if she feels something at that point, any sort of weakness and emotion- it's going to come out?,


bc her strength lives accross the street, he knows you guys will see each other..... and you think he might be watching, 1. how long she stays in there, 2.  her facial expression when she comes out..... you betcha...

she's not going to be herself anyway-

but i guess by the time you read this, you'll be able to fill me in on the ending of the story....

how'd it go?

 NHGIRL: Best of luck to you ih8BeinAlone.  Things will get better :)
 ih8BeinAlone: Just got an email from the ex.  She's going to stop by the house this evening to pick up a chair (while i'm there).  Should I try not to be home?  Should I stay and see how she's doing?  I want to say hi and also project strength and confidence but I don't know if I'm ready for it.  Oh no what do I do?
 Crazylife: Stay. Otherwise you will wonder and may regret NOT staying.

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