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Getting over it

Getting over it shygirl2006: Looking for ideas on how to get over nervousness and shyness.

I am a pretty outgoing gal. I don't say I am shy or a nervous type. However, once in awhile a man that I find really attractive can make me a mess. I get nervous. The racing heart, stuttering, and the wanting to approach but can't do it because I am too nervous. If he approaches me I am  okay. I don't stutter, I just stutter if he is around and I am talking to other people. I still get a racing heart and shakey.

It makes me seem so unapproachable. I hate it. At times I see him and I get all freaked out and take off.

I can tell he gets nervous around me too. I use to wonder if the liking was one sided but it is obvious it is on both sides. I see him as being a lot like me. He is shy around me too.

Sure it is easy to say if he likes me he would ask me out, but I don't agree with that. I think eventually it will happen. everyone around us can see the attraction on both sides. He seems obviously shy himself and probably doing the same thing I am, checking it all out.

My main hang up is getting over this crush feeling. I need ideas how to calm myself down!

I am starting to think I might as well joke about it and flat out tell him next time we are in a conversation that he makes me nervous and when he wants me to elaborate tell him it is because I am attracted to him.

I just don't want to be the one to be up front as we work together, just not in the same area and I don't want to make an ass of myself. lol I just think it would be much easier if I wasn't such a wreck with it.

NO DATE: sounds good I have no advice for the "jitters" but can say this, you work with him? uh oh argh and i would severely think about it because of that! I did that once and swore I'd never do it again no matter what! same type of thing all the ques big attraction all of it! but then there was the ending ,it got so weird I felt I had to leave the job.....and  did, if that is an option for you go for it, if not I wouldn't, but it's your life you do what you want... just beware!

 shygirl2006: Same building two different jobs and not employed by the same place. The most I would see him is in passing. If it was more then that there would be no way!

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