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To Add To Snooping

To Add To Snooping thehitekrednek: How about lie detector tests?
sheydp: As far as I know, most of us don't have access to them, so they are kinda irrelevant, yes? 


 thehitekrednek: Actually anyone can have someone tested for about 300 bucks
 Freckles: If you are a good enough Lier that you can Lie to yourself , then I dont think Lie Detectors do to well with that person
 lilly10: Well that would be pushing it for me. Snooping is one thing but a lie detector test ......just as I snoop when intuition tells me too, my intuition also tells me when I am being lied to. As a matter of fact the only time I have ever snooped is when I know I was being lied to.


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