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What is my deal!

What is my deal! Amor: How do you get over rejection?  How do you get your self esteem back?  How do you lose the feelings of deep loss, lonliness, hurt?  How do you avoid the path of self destruction?  I need to learn to cope with myself and it's so dang hard.  I don't want to keep screwing myself up.  Any tips?
Redponcho: one day I decided enough was enough.  Granted I still have days where I am down but youve gotta pick yourself up.  Try to surround yourself with positive people.

 thejoker: that's why we are all here to surround our selves with positivity... and give that to others...
 Amor: You guys are right.  I just always isolate myself from most people.  I think I shame myself too, which makes things worse.  The f'd thing is you confide in one or two particular people, to a point where you are pretty much needing them to solve your problems.  You drive them away.

Is it realistic for 2 people, who have different problems (past relationship, or with self) to have a healthy relationship together?  Can 2 people learn mechanics to enjoy each other, and learn to trust each other, and at the same time learn ways not to let their own inner fears get in the way?
 thejoker: if you let people in you will sometimes be disappointed

if you shut everyone you CERTAINLY will be disapointed

chances are...  not everyone sucks at life... keep trying!!

left foot right foot left foot right foot... you get the idea

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