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Re: the day after

Re: the day after littlelinsmiles: I did that 2 weeks ago.  Crap I was sick until 8PM at night.  But you know what once in awhile we need to do it.  I read some of the text msgs my stbx and his lil 21 yr old wrote and it ticked me off.  I put the kids to bed and went to the bar all by myself at 11 PM.  Ended up getting 3 numbers and sitting outside the bar after closing talking with a guy until 5 AM.  I came home sicker then a dog.  My stbx called like 3 times and was wondering about  The entire 12 years we were together he repeated rejected me and told me he wasnt attracted to me.  It was worth it to be able to say "It turns out I am hot".  Not too shabby for a 32 year old to get 3 24 year olds numbers.  Not like I want to date them but the one was really flippin cute.  My stbx said cuter then me.  I said heck yeah has a great body and he has  Anyway probably wont do that for at least 3 months because the next day did suck but it still makes me smile.
broken_saint: ugh ... i got SO SO SO drunk last night ... didn't get home till about 4am and  had to work at 9am. i'm sitting here at work and UGGGGGGHHHH!!!

 LostTeacher: did that the other weekend.
went to a concert, and drank wwwaaayyy too much at the concert. 
haven't felt that bad in so long. 
didn't drink for the rest of the weekend.  my friends that i was nuts, going out but not even having one....but just the thought was making me want to barf.
 trapped: I did that the first couple days after the ex left, wound up so sick I contemplated going to the e/r and haven't done so since. Not worth the pain of it all for us lightweights. Not that dealing with it all sober is all that much better but it beats dealing with it all hungover to hell.

Feel better :)
 LNC: Been doing that for the past five Thursdays...sicker than a dog on Fridays...but at least i have fun with my co-workers...LOL


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