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WHAT SHOULD BE IN A LETTER TO THE JUDGE ON A DEFENDENT? Penny1: Ok, I don't know if you can help but here goes a brain dump.... I need to write a letter to the judge on behalf of my son. He has drug charges and the judge wants to give him 3 years in prison. My question is what should the letter say on the defense of my son? :'(
Sharp: I need more details...state, drug, quantity, priors? Do you have an attorney on this case yet? It may be advisable if this judge seems determined to throw the book at him. However, there may be alternatives including counseling depending on the situation. If you can provide more specifics, maybe I can help, or at least help you find resources. If you'd prefer, you can pm me instead, okay? Deep breath, things will get better! :)

 ChrisJane: I went through this with my oldest son. He spent 2 years off and on in juvi.

Pour your heart out mom! Don't be hateful to the legal system, no matter how angry you are at the judge, police, prosecutor's....

Explain any reasons that have lead up to your son's drug problem. Depending on if he is a repeat offender will make a difference. If he has never been in trouble before this he shouldn't get 3 years. If you can show the judge reasons that caused this and that it could be resolved in other ways it will help.

Ask for community service, counseling, agree to rehab. Plead with the judge to give him one more chance.

Not to brag, but my son's parole officer said she had never seen such a well written, emotional letter when I begged to have my son released from juvi. I gave credit to my English Prof! He taught me well!

Just be a loving caring mom in your letter.

 hardened_heart1970: hi, the first thing you can do, is call immediately and get him into councliling. theres nothing that looks better, than to voluteerily goto counciling. the judge should look at it and say, atleast he wants to change his path, and help himself..

good luck.......

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