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How can you get someone off your mind?

How can you get someone off your mind? Emily: Me and my ex broke up 5 months ago and I haven't stop thinking about him and the girl he's with.  He cheated on me and now he's with that girl.  I'm really piss and 'til this day, my anger didn't seems to get it off my shoulder.  My level of aggravation probably went down by 0.01% and its just bother me so so much.  In my mind, I have full of negative thoughts and pictures of what they were doing when I'm not around, that really make me sick but I just can't help stop thinking about it.  yes yes.. try to move on, try to make myself busy...etc.  I just want to write it out, sort of releasing my anger.  Thanks for listening to me, people.  I hope you guys don't ever run into the same problem I'm having right now, that's a pain~
simon lacey: hi emily i am going througth the same problem, i have been seperated for 4 weeks now and i see me ex every day due to our children, my wife is changing into this stronger independent women there was nobody else in our case, and i seem to be fallen more in love with her, i spend all day and i mean all day thinking of her, looking forward to seeing her and i go to bed and i can not sleep and when i wake i am thinking of her, it is a fX*ing nightmare, i miss her so much and in my case, we know what the problems are and i am already making the change but in her mind she dosent want to try and she sees it as going backwards not forwards in her life, it makes me feel absoulety worthless, i feel like i hope she changes and sees me different and i can make the change for me and the kids and her, before she falls for another guy.
i dont know how you can stop thinking of him but at least you know that there is a 34 year old english male sat at 06.44 am writing this and thinking of you and wishing we could give each other a hug, i miss that so much
take care speak to you soon

 newts: Hi Emily,

It's horrible what you are going through, however, all of us have been there or are there at the moment and it truly sucks.

Just don't beat yourself up, it's only natural what you are thinking and it will get better in time and when you are willing to let go completely.

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