Emotional blocks and shutdown.

Emotional blocks and shutdown. ezydriver: Some people can emotionally shut down, block out pain and be cold towards you. This is obviously a self defence mechanism. They probably cant cope with overwhelming feelings and so shut down. Can a person keep this up forever?
If not how will it manifest itself? How does unresolved grief manifest itself? We all know that it either has to be dealt with, and gone through or it pops its ugly head up later on. How does it appear though?
Re: Emotional blocks and shutdown. sheff73: THis is what i am trying to do..emotional block, and as i term it "placing all memories in my selective amnesia folder"..

I figure he's doing that too...guess the main reason for our arguments and his insecurities is because of us being long distance relationship..and that i am married...But he did say he's not pressuring me..he knew i had a lot to settle first before i could really be together with him in a proper sense...

I wish he had had more faith and trust in me..Its his paranoia and insecurities that broke us up..
 Re: Emotional blocks and shutdown. 2be: I think it can be maintained for a long time.  A friend of mine, who was a brief "thing" for me a couple months ago, had a VERY traumatic childhood.  She admitted to me that she has the ability to completely shut off emotions when they get to be too much.  I witnessed it firsthand when I saw her shut down because she didn't want to deal with the emotions she was beginning to have for me.  She was (and is still) my friend now, but I defenitely noticed that "wall" she put up to keep out any romantic feelings.

It's too bad, too because I really liked her.  Oh well.... her loss.
 Re: Emotional blocks and shutdown. sheff73: There was one guy with whom i thought i loved one time..He had that blocking ability too..especially whenever we would part company in any visit..He wouldnt even want to sit close to me, would not want any physical contact even..coz he feared he wouldnt be able to control his emotions because being physical would open him up to more pain..So with him, the kisses and hugs would be during any days during the visits but not on teh final day...

Strange...coz I would want to be more physical before saying goodbye because at least we could cherish teh memories..But it was different for him..He would rather remain cold and aloof (but usually only the first 10 minutes, he he..he could never be for long..and usually i managed to get kisses and hugs too..but he wouldnt let it be more than that) so that he could feel less pain..
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