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My kids are coming to live w/me.  HOORAY!!

My kids are coming to live w/me.  HOORAY!! newman4ever: Hey Guys.

In only 6 more days, my two boys will be flying to the Dominican Republic to live with me for 2 whole months.  I'm so excited I can't even begin to tell you.  It's been almost 2 months since I've seen them and I miss them so much.  I plan to make this the greatest 2 months of their lives.  I have alot of fun activities planned for their stay here.  We'll be going to the beach, to the mountains, horse back riding, rafting, plus I'll be sending them to the nicest daycamp here during the week when I'm at work.

Yesterday I had such a blast.  I went to the capital and went toy shopping for them.  Something I haven't had the pleasure of doing for them in a long time.  It's going to be like Christmas morning when they get here.  Their bedroom is literally filled with some of the coolest toys you can imagine.  The people working in the toystore were looking at me like I was nuts because by the time I was done I had 2 shopping carts full of toys and no children with me.  They must've thought I was the biggest, rich kid they've ever set eyes on.  I bought board games to play with them, checkers, monopoly junior, tons more.

I know all these toys can't make up for the time I've missed with them, but I just want them to feel as happy and comfortable as possible when they're here with me.  Also, when I was married I was never in a position to do anything like this for them and since my financial situation is so much better now that I don't have a wife squandering all my hard earned money, I figured I should enjoy spending my money on the people who mean the most to children.

It's gonna be one amazing summer.  WOOOHOOO!!!!
pisces_goddess: ;D So happy for you.. it sounds like you all are going to have one amazing summer.. When the grow up and look back this is the stuff they will remember  :) And kudos to you for being a good dad.. there are alot of them out there that are not able to separate the relationship with the ex with the kids... SO High 5 to you man...... HAVE A GREAT TIME with your kids.. so happy for you!!!

 galil: WOOT WOOT ;D

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