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A few things that made me feel great....

A few things that made me feel great.... newman4ever: I haven't posted in this part of the forum for awhile, because in general, things have been pretty great for me lately, but two recent things that happened for me were just great and I wanted to share.

First thing is that I've decided to take up playing the drums again.  I played in high school and music has always been a huge interest of mine, but once I went off to college, I left the drumset behind and never got back into it.   So anyway... now that I'm divorced and living alone with nobody to complain, I just bought a nice Yamaha set and I'm gonna start jammin again.  Not planning on forming any rock groups or playing gigs...just doing it because I love bangin those things and makin some noise.  Tonight...the Godsmack will be crankin in my place.

And the other thing which is really awesome.... I just had my % bodyfat tested last night.  For those of you who know me, I'm very into the working out/weight loss thing and I finally reached what was a major goal of mine.  I finally got myself down to 10% bodyfat and my weight is at an all time low of 163 lbs.  Down from the 215lbs I was before my divorce at 29% bodyfat.  I FINALLY have visible abs.  Not quite a six-pack yet, but darn close.  I figure at this rate, another 6 weeks and I'll be right where I wanna be with my physique.  I may even enter an amateur bodybuilding competition within a year if I keep up this rate.  Who knows....

My life has changed in so many ways, and there's alot I have planned for my future.  Have no idea whats in store...but it's gonna be great.

grober: Way to go on the % loss. I was hoping to gain enough muscle to burn my % down to about 10-12. I'm around 21% now. I may start with a trainer this fall. I'm making gains, just really slowly.


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