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Parents.. INCT: Well,

Something finally has happened with my parents. What people don't understand (who haven't gone through this) is that divorce isn't just between husband and wife. My parents loved.. I mean loved my ex-wife and they got hurt as much as I did. She didn't have a great family life growing up and they made her very welcome.

Well, I have met someone else..and My parents had refused to acknowledge that she even existed. In fact, it's been  months since my parents and I have even spoke.. (we live around the corner from each other)

anyway, they just invited us both for Thanksgiving..and for me that's great. It really helps the healing process when friends and family will accept your new life.. even if you were not the one to choose it..

so.. that's my wonderful thing..

keroppi: INCT,

That's a step in the right direction!  Holidays are a big deal.  I'm sure your folks realize that you've gone through hell and back already and it was the right thing to do to invite your new partner over for the holiday.  

I understand about the wierdness parents feel after the divorce.  The worst for me is my in-laws, not my actual parents.  They were the most devestated b/c they knew I was the bright spot in their son's life and they really don't understand why he did this.  When the same thing happened with their daughter (ex's older sister - talk about in the family!!), they refused to accept her new boyfriend until they were finally engaged.  Weird.

Anyways, Best of luck!  

 INCT: Keroppi,

Thanks for the respones. Divorce takes it's toll on all aspects of life, not just the 2 people directly involved. Friends, family, work.. everything..

Sometimes I still feel like I have some strange disease..

 AloneInGA: For me, even though this is just starting, my parents have been my sole salvation.  They are very supportive and so caring.  I wish they were closer (they live in Florida, I'm in Georgia).

I signed up for a Divorce Support Group locally, and I will be attending my first meeting next Tuesday.  That makes me feel at least a bit better.

Thanks for listening, all...

 Jason29: Two day's ago My mother In-law came to my work. This was a complete surprise to me. She now know's all about the seperation. Of course only my wifes side of the story, but whatever. My Mother- In Law came in and gave me a big kiss on the cheek, told me she loved me. And told me that we are all going to make it through this. My father in-law sat out in the car. As I have said b4, him and I are like father & I guess he's not taking it well.

Just wanted to share


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