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How to make someone feel special...without getting mushy?

How to make someone feel special...without getting mushy? kitkat: I'm the kind of person who like to verbally remind people of how special they are to me. I like to let them know that *I* know how great they are. Of course, that means I can be a bit of a mush-ball at times...and overly sappy. I prefer for actions to speach, but I do believe that people need to be verbally reminded that they ARE special and that I know it.

Well, on the phone last night my bf and I were talking about this. Those kinds of displays make him embarrased/uncomfortable. I don't think he's wrong for feeling/reacting that way...that's just him. However, I need to think of better non-verbal ways to let him know these things.
Now, mind you we're in a LDR and there are about 2000 miles between us.

So, what do all of you do to let people in your life know they're appreciated? What are the ways to "say" it without actually saying it?
icwtsmnl: buy and send something that you know he wants/needs/likes.  something he may have mentioned in the past, either blatantly or in passing.  doesn't have to be big or expensive.  i bought my ex 4 packs of a particular turkey jerky that he LOVES and put a bow around it with a note.

 mylevelbest: Most guys have some sort of t-shirt collection. Send your guy a t-shirt from his favorite team, place, or activity. My Sturgis 1997 t-shirt is a prized possesion. Guys know they are loved when they get a free t-shirt.

 superwife: I take it you are referring to not constantly saying "I love you....I love you too....I love you more....No, I love you more" type of thing ::)?  I know what you mean.  At our age it's tough.  We've all heard all these words tima and time again, and it starts to get old.

For me, it's the little things.  Neither one of us are big on the words.  They come out occasionally, but not to the point of sappy.  My bf is a texter.  He'll send me a few in the middle of the day, and they are usually explicit  :o.  But sometimes it's just an "I love you".  No matter what it is, it just brightens my day.

Last night I asked him if he had a specific song I was looking for, that we both like.  He siad no but he'd download it for me.  He went home last night, and I checked my e-mail this morning, and there it was.  Under the subject he wrote 'song', and in the text he just wrote "love ya".  Stuff like that makes me smile.  He remembers stuff.  And he talks about me to others.  When his mom asks me something about something about school, work, my daughter or my obsession with peanut butter (that I didn't tell her about, because I have only met her a handful of times), it makes me feel special, like he's sharing me with his nearest and dearest.

he best had to be the Borat pic, where he says "how long before we have sexytime?" 
 kitkat: Great ideas guys! Yeah, it's those little things that let you know that the other person cares and pays attention to the things you like that make a difference.

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