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Loving a married man!!

Loving a married man!! lifeofamistress: I know most of you are going to disagree with the words I am about to say.  But  I don't care because i truly believe that people make mistakes in thier life and one of the biggest mistake is marrying the wrong person.  After having children, you are forced to stay with a person, both of you know that there is no love but must stay becuase the children are young.  He does is own thing, she does her own thing.  I met the love of my life two years ago and he is in that type of situation.  For the last two years, we have lived but only a few miles away, have been there for one another, he is one of my biggest supporters in my career change, but overall, we have a relationship.  Yet, i can say that my family does not know about him and very few people have known of him, it truth of the matter is that we have learned of one another through this time.  We do not have others interfering with our lifes or decisions and we have proven our love in many ways. 

He knows that during the first year, I was living the life of a single woman but falling in love with a married man.  Through all that time, I was not able to meet a man that can compare to him, time after time, i was forcing myself to find someone.  At the end, I ended up with him, knowing that he loves me dearly.  Yes, i have thought about the fact that perhaps he is using me and he may never leave her. But I have come to the conclusion that in this life, some people never find the type of love that we endure.  I am preparing my future as though I will not be with him but inside, I know I will, yet, I am just happy to have been loved by a man like him. 

Right now, I am preparing for my future, my career, and my dreams of a family.  He is supporting me in every way possible because he is one of the only people that believe that I can be the career woman I want to be. 

So i write only a few words and i know that you will write awful things but i don't care.  No one is perfect in this life and you only have 1 life to live so live it to the fullest!!! 
thejoker: that's awesome... do you spit or swallow?

 DarrenB: sniff...sniff......I smell a troll. I hope this person will be ignored.
 flipflopnomore: ARE YOU SERIOUS????

You are at the wrong place hun.  I am hoping that your stupidity for getting involved with a married man carries over into your choice of sites to visit and post. 

Sorry, absolutely no sympathy for you coming from this lady.
 Freckles: [color=red"> REPENT ![/color">

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