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Signs of a Mature and Immature Man?

Signs of a Mature and Immature Man? Macaw_Lover: Males AND Females opinion wanted:

Iwould like to know both sexes perspective on what qualities in a man they have found to make them "Mature".

Ladies what is your definition of a Males Maturity. List both what makes either your bf/husband Mature or Immature. This to can include experience of ones you have either dated or observed over the years.

Guys what are some of the things that you have changed from over the years that you feel has raised your maturity level?  What are some things that you would like to change to raise your maturity level, but find difficult to do so.

ctrlaltdelete: I think a sign of maturity in men is when they actually want more out of the relationship than sex. The concept of the "player" makes me completely nauseous and displays the maturity of a nine year old.

 voiceofreason: balls have/have not dropped
 galil: hair under my armpits was a good sign for me.

I have no clue however, I am still trying to grow up. If anyone knows, post away ;D
 wizer_now: A sign of my own maturation is a decreased need to push out my farts and make them louder and smellier than they would otherwise have been.

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